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A Bamana Do Njeleni (Jonyelena) sculpture - ab 900.00 Euro
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A Bamana Do Njeleni (Jonyelena) sculpture

Current price:Euro 900.00
Starting price:Euro 900.00
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Auction started:05.06.2017 um 14:45 Uhr
Auction ends:26.06.2017 um 14:45 Uhr
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Description of item
A Bamana Do Njeleni (Jonyelena) sculpture of the Baniko style, standling on a circular base, slightly bent legs, the arms carved close to the body, protruding, large breasts of conical form, the shoulders rectangular, a thick columnar neck supporting a helmetlike head with a flattened fascial plane, a smallpointed mouth, beneath a slender nose, framed by metal eyes an u-shaped ears, a single crested , comblike coiffure.

"...But many of them (African provenances) are mistakenly referred. The reason isn´t only a lack of knowledge, very often in literature the place, where an object is collected, is mixed with the stylistic origin. So the Bamana Rietberg catalogue cat. 134; 150 and the Bamana Vision of Africa, Colleyn, plate 2; 122 is speaking about a Jonyeleni sculpture related to the "Bougouni region or it´s neighbourhood" (Colleyn). Stylistically this sculpture is coming from the Baniko region, far away from Bougouni. But it is possible the sculpture was collected in the destrict of Bougouni, which would be an important information how this origin style was dispread in the Bamana country. I know that the Baniko-style exists in some parts of the Bamana Do region on the other side of the Niger river. But without a distinction of the local- and the stylistically-provenance the information "Bougouni-region" is more confusing than helpful."

Provenances, blog, 26th, december, 2011

1.600,- 1.800,- Euro

Height: 90 cm
Weight: 9,4 kg

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