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A horseman sculpture from the N´Dulerie Region - ab 4200.00 Euro
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A horseman sculpture from the N´Dulerie Region

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This sculpture from the N´Dulerie Region was the second horseman we purchased in den last 10 years, since we ere living in Segou Mali.. The last owner - the owner, the legendary dealer Adama Ouolegam, Bamako, who is now more than 80 years old - collected it in the North of the Dogon country not far from Hombori, the last bigger city on the way to Tombouctou. Since several years a zone that should no longer be entered by whites because it is dominated by Islamic terrorists. Ouolegam was one of the leading dealers of Helen Leloup, when she collected the Dogon pieces for her Gallery in Paris. Most of this old generation of Dogon dealers aren´t alive anymore. When I negotiated with Ouolegam about this horseman, he showed me that there were formerly Dogon sculptures that were as big as his arm. 

Dogon figures showing horses and riders depict the prestige and power surrounding an animal that has been associated with these qualities since it was introduced into West Africa more than a thousand years ago.

In Dogon society, horses were generally considered a luxury reserved for rich or powerful people. Horses occur in Dogon beliefs about the creation of the world and the horse and rider figures are seen as a symbol of a mythological personage.

The horse and rider figures theme is a common one found throughout the art of the Western Sudan, and is often seen in sculptures of the Senufo and Bamana the neighbosr the Dogon.

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4.800 - 5.600,- Euro

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 4,7 kg

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